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A steering wheel is a type of steering control in vehicles. Steering wheels are used in most modern land vehicles, including all mass-production automobiles, buses, light and heavy trucks, as well as tractors

But mounting the camera on the steering column or underneath the dashboard binnacle isn't entirely ideal—to be monitored, the driver's face can't be obstructed by the steering wheel.
—Jonathan M. Gitlin, Ars Technica, 27 Apr. 2023
But the American public isn’t ready to hand over the steering wheel.
—Eamon Barrett, Fortune, 21 Apr. 2023
The designer chose to outfit the vehicle in Obsidian Black and Sand hues, matching the nappa-leather seats, steering wheel, doors, lower dashboard, floor mats, and ceiling to the lighter exterior shade.
—Louisa Ballhaus, Robb Report, 30 Mar. 2023
Porsche doesn't stray too far from its roots in other areas, such as keeping the ignition switch to the left of the steering wheel, per tradition.
—Eric Stafford, Car and Driver, 29 Mar. 2023
In August, Cruise asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the top federal regulator, to approve widespread tests of a new version of its self-driving car called Origin, which does not include a driver seat or a steering wheel.
—Cade Metz, New York Times, 1 Feb. 2023
Mitchell initially placed his hands on the steering wheel, according to the memo.
—James Queally, Los Angeles Times, 17 Apr. 2023
These will include black Nappa leather with red contrast stitching over the seats and steering wheel.
—Bryan Hood, Robb Report, 5 Apr. 2023
After a crash, airbags eject out of the steering wheel, dashboard, or another location at about 27 kilometers per hour, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
—IEEE Spectrum, 23 Mar. 2023
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